Istanbul Sea Museum

The Istanbul Maritime Historical center (Turkish:Istanbul Deniz Müzesi) is a public maritime exhibition hall, situated in the Beşiktaş region of Istanbul, Turkey. It was laid out in 1897 by the Ottoman Priest of the Naval force (Bahriye Nazırı) Bozcaadalı Hasan Hüsnü PashaThe historical center contains a significant assortment of military curios relating to the Ottoman Navy. In the sea field, it is Turkey's biggest exhibition hall, with an extraordinary assortment of assortments. Around 20,000 pieces are available in its assortment, including the late sixteenth or mid seventeenth century Ottoman kitchen known as Tarihi Kadırga, worked in the period between the rules of Ruler Murad III (1574-1595) and Ruler Mehmed IV (1648-1687), as proven by AMS radiocarbon dating and dendrochronological research.[4] She is the main enduring unique cookroom in the world, and has the world's most seasoned persistently kept up with wooden hull.

Being associated with the Turkish Maritime Powers Order, it is likewise the country's most memorable military museum.

In the mid 21st century another presentation building was developed. The development started in 2008, and the structure was resumed on October 4, 2013. It has two stories over the ground level and one cellar floor, all covering 20,000 m2 (220,000 sq ft).

The storm cellar comprises of different things like nonentities, adornments of maritime boats, transport models, and bits of the Byzantine chain that was utilized for impeding the entry of the Brilliant Horn during the Ottoman triumph of Constantinople (Istanbul) in 1453. In the first and second floors, an enormous number of majestic and other caïques are displayed.

Numerous show things went through exceptional reclamation and protection works because of deformity of the natural substances brought about by heat, light, stickiness, barometrical circumstances, defacing and other factors.

Istanbul Sea Museum History

Istanbul Sea Museum History

In 1897, Maritime Historical center was laid out under the name of "The Exhibition hall and Library Organization Office" in a little structure in the Magnificent Dockyard with Ruler Abdülhamit II's consent and Priest of Naval force Bozcaadalı Hasan HüsnüPasha's requests. The historical center served in different structures in regards to the states of that time. At last, in 1961, the Gallery was moved to a structure in Beşiktaş (which was recently filled in as the Depository) and started to serve here under the name of "The Maritime Exhibition hall and Chronicle Directorate". Capacity close to this building which was implicit the twentieth hundred years and had been recently utilized as airplane shed, fix studio and carport was alloted for the Historical center. The verifiable boats assortment comprising of the kitchen and the supreme caiques was moved to this structure and this assortment was opened to public in "The Display of Authentic Caiques" in 1971.

As the structure which filled in as the Exhibition of Verifiable Caiques was really planned as a terminal, the historical center staff experienced a few issues in saving and showing the assortment. To defeat these hindrances, it was chosen to construct another historical center structure in the accessible region. In this unique circumstance, a public structural plan rivalry was coordinated on 14 August 2005. In 2008, the honor winning compositional plan was decided to be worked as the new gallery building. At last, the development of the new gallery building comprising of the extension display assembling, the display of authentic caiques, the social community and the open presentation region started by the advanced museology idea. A brief terminal, first of all, was implicit request to safeguard the verifiable caiques during the development time frame. In 2009, the caiques were moved to this station. At the point when the remodel/rebuilding cycle of the Maritime Exhibition hall finished in September 2013, the assortment of verifiable caiques was moved to this structure. The new exhibition hall started to invite its guests on 4 October 2013.

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